Why We Move

We move forward for all the families supported by Ronald McDonald House and Family Room due to the critical/chronic health needs of their sick or injured child. Each year, we welcome families from all across Manitoba and beyond. 

We chose the name, RMHC Manitoba 151, to reflect the longest stay of a family in our programs in 2019. Last year, the Boles-Amiotte family spent 151 nights at our Ronald McDonald House program while their premature son, Jaxson, received life-saving medical treatment so he could grow strong enough to make the journey home to Onanole, MB. 

“We are excited to launch the new RMHC Manitoba 151 fundraising campaign. Funds raised will help RMHC Manitoba continue to provide essential services to families during this extraordinary and challenging time. We ask everyone to join us on this journey, go the distance, and help us move forward for families. We are strongest together and proudly supporting RMHC Manitoba families!”

- Wendy Galagan, CEO, RMHC Manitoba.

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The Pakulak family, from Brandon, MB, stayed with us for for 27 nights while their daughter received life-saving treatment.

“After being rushed to Winnipeg to give birth to our daughter, Coraline, we were unexpectedly thrown into a four-month ordeal filled with surgeries, treatments and hurdles to overcome. Spending every day at the hospital to care for our little one meant we often struggled to care for ourselves. Ronald McDonald House became our refuge and home. The staff made the space welcoming and warm. It truly felt like they were there to support us while we were supporting our little one. At the House, volunteers would come in and cook meals for the families. This was a huge relief and help. The home-cooked meals also provided opportunities to interact with others. This made our time away from home less lonely and encouraged us to relax and enjoy the people around us. RMHC Manitoba gave us a home where and when we needed it most.”

- Chelsea Pakulak

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